“Rostov” – “Lokomotiv”: forecast and rate of Yegor Titov

The situation in Lokomotiv is not the best, first of all the personnel. It is very difficult to create something without Alexey Miranchuk in the attack. This is an irreparable loss. Need to rebuild the game somehow. But there is still no Barinov. Krykhovyak is not in the best condition. With Zenith it turned out to defend, even, probably, it was possible to win. But this is a special case. The general situation is that in Rostov Lokomotiv will not be the favorite. There are some transfers, but so far I don’t see that the guys who came could really strengthen the team. Returning Smolov also does not show anything special. This is the footballer to be served.

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Rostov also does not shine, there are big problems with the attack. The goals scored are given with gigantic difficulty. If it were not for the newbie Japanese, everything would be completely sad. But here is a home match, there will be support from fans. Rostov’s rival, which you don’t need to tune in to. And it seems to me that Karpin could pick up a team during the pause.

Lokomotiv has problems in defense too. Chorluka somehow quickly began to age, Murilo is mistaken. I would choose the option Rostov with a handicap (0).

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